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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Oct 24, 2022

Part 1 of a 3 Part Masterclass: Simplifying Your Business:

Designing a better RESULTS focused big YES I need it N.O.W. offer Masterclass:

Part 1. Over the next 3 Mondays, listen to this 3-part Masterclass Series for service providers who want to increase sales, have better client attraction and need to evaluate their offer.

Ready for some coaching, mentoring or a little push to live your Big, Bold Life & Biz?

Here are the details for the Masterclass:

When you focus on these 3 Powerhouse & Bold Money Making Activities done the right way you will stand out from the sea of other coaches.

You will become the KNOWN authority in your niche and your business will grow as big as you choose.

1. Design a COMPELLING RESULTS-focused offer: for your BEST ideal client who has a N.O.W. problem she needs solved. Picture bleeding neck not stubbed toe, or 2 a.m. insomnia terrors not sleeping like a baby with zero worries, or think of it like this, N.O.W. problem is Need it today, getting results Outweighs Objections, Wants to and is Willing to do the work.

Discover the 3 CORE elements that will be a no-brainer, "I want this, N.O.W.", for your client.

2. Client attraction: It's a must-have for you to be able to have clients find you. If you are a secret you can't help them, you don't make money and your solution and purpose and mission won't happen.

Learn the 3 most effective ways to tap into the demand that is present right now for your offer and do so without spending all day on social media, relying on outdated methods or using the ole fingers crossed prayer strategy.

3. Enrolling clients and selling: cool, your Client Attraction is working! you have potential clients wanting to get on a call with you. Do you have any idea what to say so they are a yes? Do you confidently share your rate, their investment? Do you say no to the non-best client or do you say yes and regret it? What if you had a tight, value-packed 5-step process where you had a real conversation? Learning to tell about your services is key, otherwise you won't be able to help anyone.

Uncover why the 5-step Art of The Ask process allows you to have a real sales call that doesn't have you feeling slimy or pushy.