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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Dec 14, 2022

109: Why run FB ads? Why create a VALUE-packed freebie? Why build an email list?

Email list building, FB ads and your Value Packed Freebie
You will learn:
The top 3 Freebies to Offer in Your Ad so you build a list of YES I WANT MORE!
The words NEVER to use in an ad or you'll account will get BANNED
The images stopping email subscribers right now MID-scroll.
The single most important missing ingredient you must include...or're throwing money right down the toilet!
How to get started now for your list building, client attraction, and emailing for 2023!
Schedule a call for DFY & DWY Facebook ads set up, email nurture sequence & your freebie.
Let our team eliminate your tech overwhelm and get you started.