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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Jan 25, 2023

114: Leaders think outside the box and decide on something new. That's exactly what special guest Liz Hatcher, CEO of Women to Women Network did.

Often people get stuck in a business and never take a chance to do something new.

To do something outside their comfort zone and something that feels like a calling, a mission.

My guest, Liz Hatcher, had a successful business and then decided a change was needed.

It's never too late or too early to follow your gut and become the leader you know you are inside.

Founder and CEO of Women to Women Network Liz Hatcher often describes herself as an accidental leader.

She fell into leadership and then embraced it when she realized how she could help others rise and step into their own potential, which is a big part of the backstory behind her rapidly growing organization.

Liz is an entrepreneur and creative at heart with a diverse background in marketing, association management, and event production across multiple industries and business settings, from small boutique firms to international corporations.

Before launching the Women to Women Network, Liz was running her own marketing business providing copywriting, content strategy, and branding services to a wide range of clients. She believes there is opportunity everywhere you look and in everything you do and says that “it just takes a little creative thinking.”

This is something she excels at. She gets a thrill from discovering opportunities that help others move forward and enjoys finding new ways to take full advantage of the resources around us.

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