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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Feb 1, 2023

115: Have you had those moments when you wonder what to say when you get an objection on a sales call? 

In this podcast, I'm sharing a behind-the-scenes training call I sent to my clients. One of the clients had a prospective client say YES and then the next day say NO.

And I had a sales call with someone who said, "I'm interviewing other people." AKA: shopping around.

These are common objections. Here are the exact words I've used to handle these objections.

My client signed and my client's prospective client is going to wait.

I'm also sharing the exact moment you will KNOW what the objection will be so you can handle that during the call, and not at the end.

Ready for more? Let's schedule a call to discuss how you can improve your sales call for high-ticket services. 

Selling is a skill. You can learn this.

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