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Lead a Life Uncommon™

May 4, 2023

Episode 121: 10 Reasons Therapists Make Fantastic Coaches

Pivoting your practice isn’t hard when you understand that you already know how to help people and that you’ve been coaching for years…even as a therapist.

Are you wondering if it's time to move from therapist to coach? Maybe you want to pivot your practice? Become a life coach? Make money as a life coach.

It's all available to you.

Listen to this episode on why therapists make the best coaches and see which of the 10 reasons and skills you have already, that would make you a fantastic life coach, or relationship coach or leadership coach...or whatever type of coach you want to be.


And...want to see how to use your clinical skills in coaching, download my ebook written to answer all of your questions.

I want to give you something, I’ve put together an ebook for you called: how to use your clinical skills in Coaching.

You’ll have niche examples, coaching vs therapy answers, exercises vs modalities and more.


It’s to help you make more money with those priceless clinical skills and show you it’s not so hard to pivot your practice.


Ready to start NOW, perfect, let's talk:

I can help you with elite 1:1 coaching or you can join our Pivot Your Practice™ 8-week group. Fast-track your therapist to coach business.