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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Sep 15, 2021

Lately, when you look in the mirror, do you see an incredible, total badass person staring back at you? Or has the brilliant human being you once knew been buried under a mountain of lies and excuses? Let’s unearth her, shall we? I’m calling your bluff, my friend! Come out and show your amazingness to the world!

Here are the things to expect in the episode:

  • What is a “hider” or “recovering hider”? Are you one of them?
  • Using busyness or booze as an excuse to hide your true self
  • Why playing it small will not do you any good. It won’t!
  • How to start acknowledging yourself and your “badassness”
  • Two exercises that can reveal your strengths. You’ll love it!
  • And much more!

Mary Bicknell LCSW is a speaker, author and former psychotherapist turned Success Strategist & Leadership Mentor for women who want more out of life and themselves. Mary takes a stand for women choosing to be BOLD, showing up fully, grabbing everything they want personally and professionally...and doing so all unapologetically and guilt-free. She believes women sometimes forget how powerful they are, and she helps remind them.

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