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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Aug 18, 2021

This is the third segment of a four-part series about being B.O.L.D., and we’re getting into the “L” - leadership. Whether you want to become a leader, grow to be a better leader, or ALREADY are an awesome leader, this one’s for you. Grab your pen and paper!

Here are the things to expect in the episode:

  • How leadership and legacy go hand in hand.
  • What is a leader? The dictionary definition is so outdated!
  • Being a leader for yourself before leading others.
  • The significance of having a vision to leadership.
  • Do you hang out with like-minded leaders?
  • Questions you need to ask yourself to check in with your inner leader.
  • And much more!

Mary Bicknell LCSW is a speaker, author and former psychotherapist turned Success Strategist & Leadership Mentor for women who want more out of life and themselves. Mary takes a stand for women choosing to be BOLD, showing up fully, grabbing everything they want personally and professionally...and doing so all unapologetically and guilt-free. She believes women sometimes forget how powerful they are, and she helps remind them.

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