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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Apr 6, 2022

You saw the title: Money and You. For the next four weeks, that's what we're going to be talking about. How timely is it that we're talking about this during April – when we're all doing our taxes? Get ready to allow yourself to have the kind of money that will create new opportunities that create MORE opportunities. I hope this gives you the transformation or a breakthrough that cracks you wide open so you can see the amazingness of life.

Remember, you are in charge. You're 100% responsible for where you are today and for making things happen in your life! Learn to shift the diamond of your life so you can see the different facets and colors that are out there. Let every new stage, success, and event in your life shift the diamond of your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • You don't have to know calculus, but you have to know math when it comes to money. One dollar plus one dollar equals two dollars. A thousand plus another thousand dollars makes two thousand dollars. Don't say you're no good with math. Money is math. Know math. Love math.
  • Want a lot of money - just because. Whatever it is. Is it for the legacy of your entire family, to write a check to build a well in a country where water is hard to come by, or just to get a fancy pair of shoes? I don't care. It doesn't matter! Give yourself permission to want money just because you want money. And by the way, "just wanting to help people" doesn't mean you shouldn't make a lot of money. You're going to be able to help more people (including your family and yourself!) when you have money. Money gives you CHOICES.
  • Addressing poverty mindset versus lack mindset. "Poverty," by definition, is a condition of having little or no monies, goods, or means of support. "Lack" is a deficiency or an absence of something that's needed or desirable (i.e., "lack of skill"). So, what's the difference? A poverty mindset is a fixed mindset. Having it means you're staying stuck mired in it. A lack mindset is a growth mindset. Instead of being stuck, you're acknowledging the possibilities. Do you want to get caught up in the thoughts that you can't do something, or do you get caught up in the thought that you have an opportunity? People who have money and wealth look at opportunities versus obstacles!
  • Are abundance and prosperity only for the chosen few? Or is it only for the few who choose it? Yes, there are people born in places where they do not have the same easily-accessible opportunities, but abundance is still there. In fact, consider the idea of not just prosperity and abundance, but OVERFLOW. Are you overflowing with prosperity? Are you overflowing with abundance? Do you see abundance everywhere? Do you see that you have the opportunity to be prosperous? Do you believe it? Because if you don't believe it, you're never going to see it. Belief is your primary focus now. Even if you don't know exactly how you'll create prosperity and abundance for yourself, you have to believe that it's available.

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Lead a Life Uncommon™:  Because You Deserve To Be A Woman You Are Proud Of. 

Be, Do & Have Whatever the Hell You Want...Unapologetically & Guilt-Free. 

Hey, It's Time for you & your future self to feel happy & proud every single day. 

I’m Mary Bicknell, LCSW. My company SeeTheSigns, LLC, is a global consulting company that helps women Catapult out of their psychological limitations to become the go-to leaders in their industry. 

I’m committed to waking you up, seeing you with new eyes, and fully embracing your power!
Time and truth are the core values in the company. As a former psychotherapist turned Success & Leadership Mentor, I’m candid with you out of deep respect for your time. I have found telling the truth in the name of support has become a lost art in the world of bullshitters.

Being truthful with all women, my clients, my daughter, and I is the catalyst for transformation so we can all Lead a Life Uncommon™, because why choose average?