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Sep 7, 2022

Episode 94: Coaching Skills vs Clinical Skills: What's the difference?

There is a need in the mental health and personal development world for both clinical/therapeutic skills and coaching skills. Therapists make the best coaches. They bring years of experience, knowledge and wisdom to the coaching world and yet, sometimes wonder how to make sure they aren't doing therapy with a client by accident.



How do you know the difference?

How do they overlap?

How do you move your current clinical skills into the world of coaching?

When are you moving from coaching into therapy and how do you handle that?

Top questions asked by therapists moving into coaching, including:

What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

How do I decide if I want to coach or have a coaching business?

Is keeping my license if I’m a coach ethical or legal?

What questions or processes do I take clients through with coaching?

10 questions to ask in your coaching session. Do these sound like therapy questions?


Invitation to workshop:

3 Steps to Build & Scale Your Therapist Who Coach Business:


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