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Jan 11, 2023

What's it costing you?
Do you need a VA so you can stop doing things you suck at?

One of the things that will get in your way when building, growing & scaling your doing work you suck at. Or that you hate.

While I do believe every businesswoman must learn how to do all facets of the business AT FIRST, there comes a moment where doing those things instead of the big money-making activities is costing you too much in time, money and frankly, just becomes a big pain in the ass.

Let me introduce you to, Melissa Whiteford StClair.

As a sister veteran’s wife, we are proud of our husbands who have served.

And we are proud of having our own business and being a leader in our own right.

She is the CEO of Paper Chaser Biz, a virtual assistant company. I asked her to share the biggest mistakes people make when hiring, the tasks best given to a VA, why she as the CEO loves her business and how having an online biz has allowed her to move around.

Make sure you pop over to her website and see what services may be of support to you.

Paper Chaser - Virtual Administrative Services Delegate Tasks to a Virtual Assistant Today Working with a Virtual Assistant saves small business owners time, and money, and reduces workload.

“A worker bee is just a buzz away.” Melissa

Listen on your favorite app right here:


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