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Sep 14, 2022

New Episode 95: Launching: From zero $ launches to 6-figure launches! Highest to date $115,700. Failing forward to success

Launching is one of the fastest ways to get in front of a large audience of your best ideal clients.

I failed my way to making my first million dollars and launching will help me get to my next.

It may not happen perfectly at first, but with consistency and improvement launching can be a game changer for you.

I've learned a lot of lessons going from zero-dollar launches to 6-figure ones.

Launching: How I have gone from zero $ launches to 6-figure launches!

Highest to date 115,700.

  1. Why is launching one of the best ways to get immediate success and clients?
  2. How launching helps coaches scale.
  3. What are the mistakes that have cost time and money?
  4. What are the 3 must-do's before, during and after every launch?
  5. The 3 phases of a launch will make or break it.
  6. The single most overlooked necessity of a launch.

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