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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Sep 21, 2022

New Episode 96:  The 10 Emotions of Business Growth: How to feel the feelings on your success journey.

  • Here are the 10 emotions of personal growth and business growth you may need to experience to have the life & biz you want.
  • Are they the same?
  • Are there emotions you need to sit with? To learn to sit with?
  • What if your ability to sit with the discomfort of uncomfortable emotions was the difference between success and failure inside your business?
  • Why do women shun feeling the feelings, both “good” emotions and “bad”?
  • Listen in and use the tools I share to help you grow yourself, and your emotional self on the way to your business success.

    Are you ready to have a community that gets you?

    Who will have your back on your way to success?

    Pushing you up, pressing you forward?

    Being a therapist who coaches can be a lonely spot because not everyone gets it. 

    Book a call with Mary to see if you are a fit for the Therapists Who Coach Academy Mastermind: