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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Oct 27, 2021

Have you ever convinced yourself you were not capable of anything? Most people like to use the word "I CAN'T" a lot. And people only tend to change this behavior when they face tragic or near-death situations.

Today, I will help you to remind yourself that you can take 100% responsibility for yourself and you have the...

Oct 25, 2021

Biz Bite Monday: Tracking vs. Winging It

There are two sets of numbers to track with your sales, with your business so you can begin to feel solid.

A tracked number grows.

There's nothing worse than a woman who does not know her numbers, because numbers are money! So if you don't track numbers, how can you possibly know...

Oct 20, 2021

We’ve been trained to think that self-care = indulgence, a luxury, when, in fact, it is quite the opposite! Caring for yourself isn’t always about bubble baths and face masks. Self-care is about bettering yourself so you can be more effective at work and function BETTER as a member of the family. For today's...

Oct 18, 2021

Biz Bite Monday: Time Freedom is True Wealth, is it time to pivot?

Your Evolved Future Self.

The One Who Knows.

Ask Her.

See, no matter how much money you have, when you are grinding it out, hustling to death....and struggling, you will still feel broke.

The struggle will ALWAYS make you feel broke.

What does real-time...

Oct 13, 2021

Different people have different views when it comes to money. How do you view yours? Surprisingly, most people view money negatively - "too much responsibility," "hard to come by," or "being rich is bad." Let’s talk about how to view money from a proper perspective. Your thoughts are powerful. The abundance mindset...