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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Jul 27, 2022

Procrastination and Resistance: We all do it, and some of us are worse than others. We want to accomplish our dream life, but we always find a way to stop ourselves by procrastinating or behaving resistance. So, why do we resist the things we want most?

Join me today as we dive into these 2 faces of denial. And I will help you create a plan to stop the cycle of self-sabotaging! Stay tuned!

Here are the things to expect in the episode:

  • Are procrastination and resistance a form of self-sabotaging?
  • What causes self-sabotaging behavior?
  • How can fear of success sabotage your life goals?
  • What are the strategies to help you stop sabotaging yourself?
  • And much more!

Every Wednesday listen in for all things personal development, removing your self-imposed psychological glass ceiling, a little bit on relationships, mindset, confidence, business, entrepreneurship, money, and all the things needed to get out of mediocrity because….why choose average?

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Lead a Life Uncommon™ because why choose average?

Be, Do & Have Whatever the Hell You Want....Unapologetically & Guilt-Free.

I’m Mary Bicknell. My company SeeTheSigns, LLC is a global consulting company that helps women catapult out of their psychological limitations to become the go-to leaders in their industry.

I’m committed to waking you up, having you see yourself with new eyes, and fully embracing your power!

Time and truth are the core values in the company. As a former psychotherapist turned Life & Business Coach for women entrepreneurs and small businesses, I’m candid with you out of deep respect for your time.

I have found telling the #boldtruth in the name of support has become a lost art in this world of bullshitters.