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Lead a Life Uncommon™

Aug 3, 2022

Do you want your business to become an empire but are stuck in planning mode? Join Mary as she speaks with Elizabeth de Moraes on how to develop an action-focused mindset and lifestyle that will help you make steady and sustainable progress toward your dreams. If you want to increase the chances of good stuff coming your way, you must take action! Stay tuned!

Here are the things to expect in the episode:

  • How does taking action lead to success?
  • What are some common mistakes that people make when they're showing up?
  • Why do people have a fear of being judged?
  • How can you be an effective presenter and speaker?
  • And much more!


About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth de Moraes is an international communication and media coach who specializes in helping executives and entrepreneurs create concise messaging and develop a captivating presence on camera, online, and in person. She has enabled thousands of clients—from C-Suite executives to professional athletes to six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs—to communicate in authentic and powerful ways on television, in board rooms, at corporate events, and more.

Elizabeth brings to her clients more than two decades in front of cameras as a media coach, professional dancer, and actor. In addition to commanding stages and being a best-selling author, her insight has been featured in media outlets including ABC, NBC, The CW, KTLA, and The Mommy Millionaire Show. Her clients have been featured on Netflix, HGTV, and more. Elizabeth is a married mom of two teenage daughters. When she’s not helping her clients shine, you can find her exploring all the small-town experiences she can find in the big city metroplex of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

*Our incredible guest would love to provide a complementary list of tips on How to Command/Captivate the Room/Camera:


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Are you a business owner, mama, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, speaker, or author?

I have found that telling the truth has become a lost art in the world of bullshitters.

The Lead a Life Uncommon™ podcast is about you are being the uncommon woman you know you are, giving mediocre a big middle finger, having a great life, making money, doing your soul work, loving yourself, emotional wellness, abundance, receiving, interviews with amazing women living their own uncommon life, loving your partner, living where you want, and doing all the cool things that you crave.

Listen every Wednesday for all things personal development, removing your self-imposed psychological glass ceiling, a little bit on relationships, mindset, confidence, business, entrepreneurship, money, and all the things needed to get out of mediocrity because….why choose average?

I’m Mary Bicknell, CEO and Founder of SeeTheSigns, LLC is a global consulting company that helps women Catapult out of their psychological limitations to become the go-to leaders in their industries.

I’m committed to waking you up, helping you see yourself with new eyes, and fully embracing your power!

As a former psychotherapist turned Success & Business Coach, I’m candid with you out of deep respect for your time.

Being truthful with all women, my clients, my daughter and myself is the catalyst for transformation so we can all Lead a Life Uncommon™, because why choose average?

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